The Dinner Detective


Located right next to the Ontario Convention Center is a night of dining and entertainment you won’t want to miss. The country’s biggest murder mystery dinner is right in Ontario, and there’s a crime to be solved. Voted the best dinner show for the past decade in over 30 cities, the foundation of this classic outing is simple. Offer a show with intrigue, challenging mysteries and world-class performances with realistic dialogue.

All shows are set in the present, and all guests are fully immersed in a believable experience. All cheesiness is left at the door, and there are no cams allowed. All performers blend in seamlessly to the crowd, so nobody can tell who’s who. Scripts are based on cold case files, and with a family-style seating arrangement, you never know who might be sitting next to you.

Super Sleuths

Although only performers will get “killed,” everyone is on board to help solve the crime. Special Detectives arrive for interrogations, and you have to help search for clues. What are some hints based on real files that might lead you to the killer?

Book a private show, get your tickets online now and learn more about this award-winning show. Only at DD will you get a delectable dinner, a thrilling good time and have an experience that simply begs to be shared. Will you be the super sleuth that solves the crime?